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Kunisada Courtesans Japanese Woodblock Print


Series: Meigi Sanju Rokkasen (Thirty-Six Famous and Fine Courtesans)
Print: Courtesan Segawa.  Segawa is indoors, reading a Buddhist sutra.
Publisher: Tsutaya
Date: circa 1860
Signed Toyokuni Ga  (probably preceded by his age, unread) in red cartouche lower L; kiwame censorship and date seals lower R margin.

Full size with good margins.  Vertical Oban, 9 7/8" by 14".

Very good to fine impression, color and condition.  Beautiflully printed with gauffrage on courtesans' collars, fabric-impressed gauffrage in cartouche upper R.  Good woodgrain in kimonos of courtesans and child;  nice thick-pigment texture with brush marks in green background, light baren marks in grey wall.
Japanese album backing.

Price: $300

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Series: 53 Stations of the Tokaido (with actors, forming diptychs)

Print: Station 40, Chiryu.  Actor Bando Takesaburo in the role of Ariwara no Narihira, from a play of Ise Monogatari.

Publisher:  Iseya Kanichi
Carver:  Horitake
Date:  Rat 3  (1852)

Good impression, color somewhat faded (especially red, yellow).
Full-size oban, generally good condition, though with some wrinkling and light creases, small amounts of light soiling lower L.   Small bit of binding strip verso.  

Light Japanese album backing

Price: $110

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Kunisada Actor Bust Tokaido series: Bando Hikosaburo
Kunisada Actor w/ Tobacco Pouch Japanese Woodblock Print
Utagawa KUNISADA                                                                                     

Series:  53 Stations of the Tokaido (with actors)
Station: Fujikawa, Actor Bando Hikosaburo IV in the role of Oguri Hangan
Publisher:  Iseya
Carver: Horitake and another
Vertical oban (trimmed)

Price:  SOLD

Slightly faded, very good impression, substantial trimming at L (includes signature cartouche Toyokuni Ga).  

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Actor with tobacco pouch
Good impression, good condition with some soiling and rubbing, backed.
Signed Toyokuni ga in red cartouche.  
Carver:  Horitake (yellow rectangular cartouche)
Round kiwame censor's seal

Publisher:  Daikoku-ya Heikichi (Shoojudoo)

Price: $70